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        Hello, welcome to the official website of chongqing lianhao technology co., LTD.
        sales manager

        Hiring:1 Salary:negotiable Time:2019-12-02 Views:

        Education requirements: Undergraduate

        Experience requirement: 2 years or above

        Age requirement: 25-40 years old


        1. Be responsible for the market development and sales of the company's products.

        2. Make sales plan and expand the market share of products according to the company's marketing strategy.

        3. Maintain good communication with customers, establish good relationship and maintain the corporate image.

        4. Follow up and develop potential customers.

        Job requirements

        1. Ladies first;

        2. College degree or above, major in marketing, e-commerce, English or related;

        3. Have affinity, quick response, strong language expression ability and communication and coordination ability;

        4. Have high enthusiasm for sales work, have good adaptability and pressure capacity;

        5. Have team spirit, be good at challenges, have keen market insight, strong sense of career and positive working attitude;

        6. Those who have engaged in automobile sales, insurance sales, real estate sales and other industries are preferred;

        7. English is preferred.

        Chongqing lianhao technology co., LTD. Is a motor and accessories enterprises, is approved by the relevant departments of the state registered enterprises.




        Address:No. 6, lai long road, fenghuanghu industrial park, yongchuan district, chongqing

        Chongqing lianhao technology co., LTDICP 12345678Yao Yang science and technologyprovideThe website constructionandNetwork promotionTechnical support services

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