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        Hello, welcome to the official website of chongqing lianhao technology co., LTD.
        Inspection Supervisor

        Hiring:1 Salary:negotiable Time:2019-12-02 Views:

        Education requirements: technical secondary school / technical secondary school

        Experience requirement: 3 years or above

        Age requirement: Unlimited


        1. Be responsible for production process monitoring, material monitoring and review of relevant records according to quality system requirements;

        2. Use various measuring tools for product testing;

        3. Be responsible for the processing and analysis of returned products and non-conforming products, and put forward improvement opinions and feed back to relevant departments;

        4. Be responsible for submitting quality inspection reports and suggestions to all departments regularly and irregularly and tracking them.

        Job requirements

        1. Be able to understand mechanical drawings, and be proficient in using all kinds of measuring tools for product testing;

        2. Be familiar with the non conformity handling process, and be able to effectively handle the site quality abnormality;

        3. Be familiar with the use of various inspection reports, and be able to use computers for data entry and data statistics;

        4. Be good at communication and have group leadership experience;

        5. Have the ability of measurement learning and initiative;

        6. Have more than 3 years working experience in ISO9001 certified Machinery Factory (automobile industry is preferred)

        Chongqing lianhao technology co., LTD. Is a motor and accessories enterprises, is approved by the relevant departments of the state registered enterprises.




        Address:No. 6, lai long road, fenghuanghu industrial park, yongchuan district, chongqing

        Chongqing lianhao technology co., LTDICP 12345678Yao Yang science and technologyprovideThe website constructionandNetwork promotionTechnical support services

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