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        Hello, welcome to the official website of chongqing lianhao technology co., LTD.
        Quality Engineer

        Hiring:1 Salary:negotiable Time:2019-12-02 Views:

        Education requirements: Junior College

        Experience requirement: 3 years or above

        Age requirement: 25-45 years old


        1. Be responsible for the preparation of inspection related procedure documents and inspection standards;

        2. Organize daily work of quality inspection;

        3. Organize quality statistical analysis, process capability analysis and on-site quality improvement activities;

        4. Carry out site inspection, measurement and other specific work in the early stage;

        5. Implement the quality system promotion work and other relevant work of the quality department.

        Job requirements

        1. Be able to prepare operation documents of quality department;

        2. Have the qualification certificate of system internal auditor;

        3. Be familiar with quality statistics and the use of quality tools;

        4. Experience in supporting quality work with great wall, SAIC, GAC, Changan Ford and other main engine plants;

        5. Knowledge of gear processing technology, working experience in automobile joint venture is preferred;

        6. Have strong communication and coordination ability, and can adapt to occasional business trip.

        Chongqing lianhao technology co., LTD. Is a motor and accessories enterprises, is approved by the relevant departments of the state registered enterprises.




        Address:No. 6, lai long road, fenghuanghu industrial park, yongchuan district, chongqing

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